Benefits for Physicians

Decrease Labor Cost

Automating appointments management, medical records and practice workflows will decrease your practice personnel label cost and increase outcome.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Fast and convenient booking, reduced waiting room time, minimized repetitive paper work and medical tests will increase your patient satisfaction and retention.

Enhance the Quality of Care

Automated Appointment follow-up, reduced prescription errors and more informed medical decisions will greatly improve the quality of your medical care.

Improve the Bottom Line

Reducing patient 'No-shows' and under booking and increasing patient satisfaction and practice exposure will positively affect your financial bottom line.

Your Membership Benefits

You will be a member of a network of elite care providers.
Your will get more exposure to your local community.
Your unique expertise will be sought for nation wide.
Your service quality will be publicized through patient ratings and reviews.
Your profile and services will be promoted through our many marketing channels.

Online Booking Benefits

Your staff will spend less time on the phone managing appointments and more time attending for more strategic tasks.
Forgetting appointments is one of the most common reasons for no-shows. Online Booking reduces the number of “no-shows” with automated appointment reminders.
A patient with a pressing medical attention need is more likely to book an appointment with a practice that provides 24/7 online booking than to wait till next day or Monday morning.
Reduce last-minute cancellations by requesting patients to confirm in response to automatic reminders.
Reduce no attendance by reminding patients to schedule their next follow-up or annual checkups.
Decrease waiting time by decreasing overbooking that results from inadequate appointment management.

Electronic Medical Record Benefits

Accurate, up-to-date, and complete patient medical history at the point of care.
Reduced medical error, drug interactions, allergic complications and prescriptions errors.
Alerts against drug and allergy reactions.
Improve efficiency through streamlined workflows, reduced paperwork, instant retrieval of information, and controlled access to private data.
Significantly cut administrative costs by reducing the need for manual transcriptions, physical medical form storage, medical coding and insurance claims management.
Instant communication among clinicians, labs, and pharmacies which reduce staff overhead and increase patient satisfaction by decreasing the patient length of stay.
Eliminates errors due to illegible handwriting of clinical notes and prescriptions

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